Polished concrete is ideal for internal floor surfaces in both residential and commercial buildings. The shiny and smooth aesthetic, coupled with the texture and pattern of ground aggregate and stones, creates a modern, seamless and stylish look. Overall, polished concrete is very low maintenance, cost effective, environmentally friendly, low allergenic and super durable, over other flooring options.

There are three main types of polished concrete:

  • Minimal/salt and pepper exposure – polishing the surface of the concrete without exposing aggregate.
  • Light Random Exposure – A very popular option which provides variations and character to the floor.
  • Full Exposure – Gives a traditional terrazzo look.

The process involves a series of mechanical grinding steps using metal diamond bonds to achieve the desired level of exposure. Then using penetrating hardeners, it creates a chemical reaction that helps polish the floor once resin pads are used, making our way thru finer grits.

Honed concrete is great for outdoor living surfaces due to its slightly more coarse surface and texture. Like polished concrete, honed concrete also provides a modern and stylish look for outdoor living areas, including patios, external walkways, pool surrounds, outdoor entertaining areas, all public access areas and commercial foyers.

Hartney Construction and Concrete offer a variety of different mixes for polished or honed concrete, all from Perth’s best concrete suppliers, never compromising on quality and back by years of experience.

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